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Created on 2009-05-04 11:03:37 (#271114), never updated

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Name:Suck It Up, Dyke!
Website:Suck It Up Dyke (LJ)
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:No-nonsense honest advice by and for lez, bi, pan and questioning women
This is a clone of the SUID community over on LiveJournal. It's pretty much a placeholder for now, but if you want to join and ask/give advice, feel free to jump on in.

Interests (137):

advice, alternative lifestyles, androgyny, anniversaries, asking her out, asking questions, bi girls, binding, birls, bisexuality, bisexuals, bois, breaking up, breasts, brutal honesty, butch, butch/butch, butch/femme, clitoris, coming out, cunnilingus, dating, dating girls, dating women, dildos, drag, drag kings, drag queens, dyke drama, dykes, f2f, facts of life, female anatomy, females, feminism, femme/femme, femmes, fidelity, first dates, flirting, friends, friends with benefits, friendships, ftm, fucking, gay, gay advice, gay community, gay girls, gay law, gay marriage, gay parents, gay politics, gay pride, gay relationships, gay sex, gay tips, gay women, gender, gender roles, gender theory, getting together, girl on girl, girl sex, girlfriend, girlfriends, girls, girls kissing, giving advice, glbtq, good advice, grrls, helpful advice, helping, homosexuality, honest advice, honesty, infidelity, kissing girls, lesbian, lesbian advice, lesbian life, lesbian love, lesbian moms, lesbian pride, lesbian relationships, lesbian sex, lesbians, lifestyles, love life, monogamy, mtf, no bullshit, non-monogamy, normalcy, oral sex, packing, partnerships, polyamory, polygamy, post-op, pre-op, pride, q&a, queers, question and answer, questions, real people, realism, realistic advice, relationship problems, relationships, same-sex marriage, sapphists, serial monogamy, sex, sex advice, sex life, sex questions, sex theory, sex tips, sex toys, sexuality, stds, strap-ons, suck it up dyke, the closet, tips, transgender, tribades, u-hauls, useful advice, vagina, vibrators, vulva, wives, women
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